Software Installation Troubleshooting on your Mac

Known Mac Installation Issues

  1. When I try to run the installer, I get an error saying that the file is corrupt.
  2. The installation says in cannot create a file.

Corrupt File

  1. On newer versions of OS X, you must enable installations from anywhere
    to allow the software to be installed.

  2. Open System Preferences
    System Preferences

  3. Select Security & Privacy
    Security & Privacy

  4. Click the lock to make changes
    Click the Lock

  5. Select Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere
    Allow from Anywhere
  6. Confirm by selecting the "Allow from Anywhere" button.
  7. Now your installation should work fine.

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Cannot Create File

  1. On newer versions of OS X, the installer does not have permission to write to "Applications"
  2. During the install process, change the installation path to something other than "Applications".

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